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5 Things to do in Spain

There are certainly many people who have a wrong opinion of Spain. I was one of them. Spains stereotypes are sun, sea and sangria. These things are cool, but not enough to comprehend the true Iberic spirit. One has to travel and visit places in order to live the Spanish experience.


The Safest Way to Travel

For those who travel for pleasure, for business or to start a new life abroad, travelling by air is undoubtedly the safest way. Safety first of all: what airline is the safest? Where is the best place to sit on board in case of an incident?

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8 reasons to live in Sweden

Sweden is not only the country of ABBA, IKEA and H&M It is a country that offers plenty to those who decide to change their life and go and live abroad. The Swedish are attached to their traditions even if Sweden is one of the most advanced countries in the world. Thanks to the welfare […]

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Europe KAPUTT!

For many centuries Europe has been the best of the best. Today however it is declining rapidly. Europe is changing due to an epochal transformation: on one hand the economic and social destabilisation caused by the United States of America and on the other hand an environmental crisis that will oblige the industrialised countries to […]

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Five things that will change your life forever when you live abroad

To move abroad permanently and leave our country is a challenge that will change your life. As time passes we will discover a new country: unfamiliar open spaces, horizons, infrastructures, a different community, a new culture, and other customs and ways of thinking which will gradually transform us. As time passes we will discover things […]